Congratulations on completing another great semester!  The Bunting♦Meyerhoff Interfaith & Community Service Center (IFC) is now on the summer schedule.  We are open Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Stop in to say hello!


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Mission Statement

Johns Hopkins University Campus Ministries promotes and supports spiritual development, theological reflections, religious tolerance and social awareness among students, faculty and staff within the university community. At its heart, Campus Ministries is a prophetic and pastoral presence which seeks to enhance the spiritual and ethical educational experience of the whole person mind, body and soul.

Welcome to Campus Ministries!
At its very best, a university community is a place of academic and cosmic discovery where time is spent in worthy and imposing intellectual pursuits. It is also true that such a community can foster deep spiritual exploration, growth and engagement. For many it marks the beginning of an awesome search for ultimate meaning. This may take form either in fellowship with others, or individually, in prayerful contemplation. It is more than likely to be a little of both. In whatever way this time is embodied, it is part of an extraordinary lifelong journey. Johns Hopkins University Campus Ministries humbly endeavors to be a nurturing source of light along the way as this search unfolds. 

Chaplains and Campus Ministers have a unique role in a campus community. We seek to be both spiritual supporters and active participants in the life of the university. It is not uncommon that one might encounter a chaplain or a campus minister at a religious service. However, it is also just as likely that one might run into us at a lecture, an athletic event or just hanging out on campus. In the midst of the temporal, we aspire to bear witness to the sacred. We are open-minded, open-hearted and thoroughly committed to your religious and spiritual well-being. In times of joy and of sorrow we are dedicated to being a caring, gentle, accessible presence to all students, faculty and staff. We consider ourselves quite blessed to be part of a community of scholars, seekers and believers walking together on a remarkable journey of spiritual awakening and human flourishing.
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Meet our Faith Groups!

The symbol "Palm of a Hand" is most popular and widely known as the Jain religion symbol.  The palm of the hand signifies this assurance, 'do not be afraid', indicating that human beings who are suffering due to karmic bondage do not need to be disheartened but have faith and change the course of their actions by treading the path of righteousness.  The Wheel of Dharma (Chakra) with 24 spokes represents the religion preached by the 24 Tirthankars (Jain Gods) consisting of Ahimsa (non-violence) in thought, words and action.  It is the distilled essence of the religion.